Finish your year on an up note

As the end of the fiscal year approaches, if you’re still short of reaching your fundraising goal, Marc Pitman has three suggestions on how to wind up the year on a positive note.

  • Revisit those who said “no.”
  • Ask your LYBUNTS.
  • Send out a draft donor list.

Some of those who said “no” may have meant that the time just wasn’t right. “Take a moment this week and look at the “no’s” you think you’ve gotten over the last six months. And re-ask them,” he wrote on his blog, The Fundraising Coach. “It could be as simple as a call saying, ‘Hi Joe, this is [your name]. We still have this great project. When we last spoke you weren’t in a position to make a gift. Would you be able to now?’”

Same thing with LYBUNTs–those who gave Last Year But Unfortunately Not This year. Particularly if they gave between January and June last year, now is a good time to call and say, “‘Hi Sally, this is [your name]. Last May you made a gift to our cause and we’re so grateful. We’re still doing amazing things. Would you consider making that gift again this year?’”

Your organization may publish an annual report complete with donors’ names.  “You could send (the draft donor list) out as a thank you and ask ‘Did we get your name right?; Or ‘Is this how you’d like to appear?'” Pitman wrote. “The thing is, don’t just send it to donors. Send it to your entire list.” It’s a subtle reminder to those who haven’t given yet.

“Studies show that most of us want to know we’re not the only one acting in a particular way. A list like this shows donor prospects that others just like them have given to you. It might be the (incentive) they need to (write) the check.”

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