Importance of multichannel fundraising

Just as using direct mail alone to raise money is a mistake, so is relying only on new media like Facebook and Twitter. All the techniques should work together for best results.

Look at this table that is derived from a presentation made this week by Katya Andresen in New York. Donors in different age groups say they respond to different channels of communication. The younger the donor, the more channels are considered appropriate.

Her conclusions:

  • “Your website is still your most critical online presence. Don’t neglect it.
  • “Integrate your outreach across channels.
  • “Remember, technology enables human connection. It doesn’t create it. So never lose sight of what motivates people to give: emotional, personal connection and social influences!”

Jeff Brooks echoed the multichannel mantra. “(M)edia are increasingly intertwined by donors who use them in tandem,” he wrote in his Future Fundraising Now blog. He cited findings of a Target Analytics study that showed:

  • “The majority of multichannel donors are those who are acquired online and then subsequently start giving direct mail gifts.
  • “Every year, large proportions of online-acquired donors switch from online giving to offline sources — primarily to direct mail.
  • “Robust direct mail programs drive up the retention and long-term value of new donors acquired online.”

“One thing this tells us is that we can’t see online fundraising as a different thing from offline media, especially direct mail,” he wrote. “They are different parts of the same tool. That’s the way donors are using them.”

The Target Analytics study from Blackbaud is here.

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