A lesson about thank-you letters

When Glen McKinney tested 20 rescue missions on their gift receipt processes, the results were alarming.

Thirty percent of the missions never acknowledged the gift.

McKinney, an executive with Grizzard, the consulting firm, sent $20 to each of 20 rescue missions. These were first-time gifts. He wanted to see how quickly they would respond with acknowledgments.

Seventy percent responded within four weeks, 15 percent within two weeks. But six out of the 20 never did get back to him.

“To find a new supporter and then not to say thank you is a surefire way to lose a precious, new friend,” he wrote. “Donors are becoming more selective. Donors are making more intentional choices about which charities to support (and which not to support). If you are on staff at a non-profit, a volunteer, or a concerned partner, please take this to heart. Review your process for sending out a prompt acknowledgement letter.”

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