Two organizations seek executive directors

The YWCA Salem and the Corvallis Public Schools Foundation are searching for new executive directors.

The Y says, “The Executive Director of the YWCA Salem will work with a dedicated staff and Board in a supportive and collaborative atmosphere to lead the YWCA Salem from its strong roots to a strengthened base of core programs and fundraising success. The new leader will have the leadership experience, the enthusiasm, and the community and partnership building skills to work with the Board of Directors to plan and execute a vision for future growth and sustainability.”

In Corvallis, the foundation says, “The Foundation Executive Director works with key constituents to mobilize and strengthen support for the Corvallis School District through fundraising. The Director plans and initiates fundraising activities, directs the daily operations of the Foundation; oversees financials; supervises staff ; and works closely with the Board of Trustees and the Corvallis School District.”

Those interested in the Y’s position may learn more about the job and how to apply by clicking here.

To apply for the Corvallis position, click here.

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