Taking ‘thank you’ to a new level

Sending thank-you messages to our donors need not be as traditional as a letter on the organizational letterhead. The Salem-Keizer Education Foundation and Davidson College have developed creative approaches that inject mission into the mix.

Not long after a gift was made to the S-KEF, a plain, manila envelope arrived in the donor’s mailbox. Inside, the contents were anything but plain.

There were three creations inside. How else can one describe them?One had colored borders and a blue sun around a simple message: “I love Enrichment Academic.” Another had pink and purple cutouts of cats, bunnies and birds with a message in Spanish: “Grasias al programa porque…”

The third had a big “Thank you!” on the front in gold, blue and purple crayons. Inside, also in blue crayon, was: “Thank you for suppling the after school programs We apprecheate you.”

How could a donor not feel all warm and fuzzy inside about his gift?

Then there’s the approach at Davidson College, a top-ranked liberal arts college in North Carolina. The college and its students adopted an Oscar-winning style to express their thanks for gifts to the annual fund. See the video at Katya Andresen’s blog.

As Katya put it: “Your donors give you gifts.  What’s the gift you give back? It should be gratitude.”

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