Taglines: When you have to say it in 8 words or less

If you are stumped at developing a tagline for your nonprofit or you think what you have isn’t working well, Nancy Schwartz is here to help.

Through her Getting Attention blog, Nancy has a few tools to help with tagline development.

“Nonprofits of all sizes have a valuable opportunity to position their organizations, programs, fundraising campaigns and special events,” Nancy writes. “Those that hone their messaging well are part of a growing trend of healthy organizations whose taglines help to build awareness of their value and put them firmly in audiences’ hearts, minds, schedules and wallets.

“This is where your tagline — those vital eight words or less — comes in, complementing your organization’s name to convey its unique impact or value with personality, passion and commitment. The most unforgettable taglines also make an emotional connection. Think ‘E Pluribus Unum.'”

Some local examples:

  • Keeping Children Safe & Families Together (Family Building Blocks)
  • Ending Hunger Today (Marion-Polk Food Share)
  • Learning for Living (Benedictine Foundation)
  • Great Futures Start Here (Boys & Girls Club of Salem Marion and Polk Counties)

Nancy’s “Nonprofit Tagline Report” says, “Your organization’s tagline is hands-down the briefest, easiest and most effective way to communicate your brand. It’s one of the six vital components of branding, along with your nonprofit’s name, positioning statement, key messages or talking points, tone and visual identity (logo, type, colors, images, look and feel).”

Her report is saved here.

She also has gathered a huge database of taglines from around the country. Go to http://gettingattention.org/nonprofit-taglines/database/ and log in using Username: nonprofit and Password: tagline.

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