Required: Marketing charitable bequests

Tom Ahern believes too many members of the “Greatest Generation” died without leaving charitable bequests to their favorite charities, and it’s our fault.

He wrote, “Most members of America’s ‘Greatest Generation,’ now rapidly passing from this good earth, did not and will not leave a charitable gift in their wills, thanks in large part to our nation’s notoriously lackluster skills at promoting bequests.

“Shame on us. We deprived an entire generation of eternal meaning, because we were bad at something so basic. We also deprived our organizations of amazing amounts of philanthropy, now going, going, gone.”

Ahern writes an e-newsletter, among other things. In his latest e-mail he wrote, “An ability to market charitable bequests successfully will become a requisite for high-achieving fundraisers.

“The next generation, Baby Boomers, is entering its bell lap. So…will America’s Boomers pass without leaving much in the way of charitable bequests, as happened with their parents? That’s pretty much up to America’s fundraisers.

“Oh, did I mention? Marketing charitable bequests is unbelievably easy to do, requiring almost no extra time and effort. If I were a boss hiring a fundraiser, here’s one topic I’d be sure to cover: ‘Tell me about your success to date at attracting bequests for your organization.'”

To learn how LEAVE A LEGACY can help organizations in the Mid-Willamette Valley start bequest programs, send e-mail to

To have Tom add you to his mailing list, send an e-mail to

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