Power of a postcard

As an alternative to the time and expense involved in producing an annual report, some nonprofits have tried mailing a postcard. For at least some of them, the results have been amazing.

The Austin Groups for the Elderly (AGE) used to send a full-color annual report to about 200 people. This year, instead, development director Nicole Daspit Sarkar and her staff created a postcard “that we could get…in the hands of several thousand people at about the same cost.”

Designed in-house and mailed in bulk, the postcard’s costs were minimal. “In the last two days we have had several calls and emails from people telling us how much they like it (including funders),” Nicole said. “I know this will have a positive long-term effect on our contact with our supporters. Probably the best marketing decision we made this year!”

Nonprofit communications coach Kivi Leroux Miller reported on the Austin success in her blog. The blog shows front and back of the postcard.

A reader commented, “I got a much clearer and more powerful sense of what they (AGE) do and their impact from the postcard than I did at a glance of the 12 page annual report. Which is so important because most of the time a glance is all you get.”

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