Time to sharpen the pitch for year-end giving

With just 11 weeks left in the calendar year, appeals for year-end gifts are approaching, and Network for Good offers some tips on optimizing your online donation effort.

Network for Good is the portal through which many nonprofits receive online donations. The network has raised more than $500 million for 60,000 different nonprofit organizations.

One of the points made in the network’s Online Giving Study, which is available here, is that the number of online donations spikes in December and immediately following natural disasters. “During disasters, donors are more likely to consider new giving options, while in December they are more likely to give based on relationships with the charities,” the study says. “Even a small nonprofit with limited resources can and should make meaningful connections with their donors online.”

So how is that done?

Sea Change Strategies and Care 2 offer tips on getting better results through online fundraising:

  1. Inspire your donors every day.
  2. Optimize your donate form.
  3. Blaze trails to your donate page.
  4. Test drive your online donation process.
  5. Create a “why donate” page.
  6. Thank you donor at least three times.
  7. Provide for a warm welcome.
  8. Launch a two-pronged cultivation plan.
  9. Engage your supporters through social media.
  10. Measure and test.

That’s the outline. For more, download the Procrastinator’s Guide to Year-End Fundraising.

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