Words of advice from International Fundraising Congress

A donor who calls to change her address in your database is 10 times more likely to leave you a planned gift, set up a regular gift or respond affirmatively to a gift request.

That’s just one of the many things that Mark Phillips learned at the recent International Fundraising Congress in Amsterdam. He summarized his takeaways in a post at his “queer ideas” blog.

Chuck Longfield, the chief scientist at Blackbaud, shared other nuggets from his research:

  • Call a donor to thank him for his gift and you’ll increase the value of next year’s gift by as much as 40 percent.
  • Misspelling the donor’s last name will cost you 12 percent.
  • Donors who give unusual amounts, like $172, are easier to upgrade than those who give common amounts, like $100.

Phillips reported that Tony Elischer thinks the recession is here for awhile, but that’s no reason to accept poor results. Sixty percent of donors only give once, Elischer said, and that is “shameful.” He said, “That’s not the fault of people who are giving. That’s our fault. We’re still not getting that second gift.”

Beate Sorum of the Norwegian Cancer Society exploded the myth that digital fund raising is magic. “It isn’t,” she said. “On the internet we can put up any crap…so we forget to prioritise, we forget to ask and we forget to rigidly monitor and analyse.”

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