Spirit Mountain invites service award nominations

Spirit Mountain Community Fund is looking for the two people in nonprofit organizations to receive the next Ye?lan Lima Award. Nominations are due by Nov. 30.

Begun early this year, the Ye?lan Lima Award recognizes people–one paid and one a volunteer–who have made “remarkable achievements” within their organizations. Eligible organizations are those headquartered in Spirit Mountain’s 11-county coverage area.

The first awards, announced last March, went to Patricia Cortez, a volunteer with Juventud FACETA, a youth group in Eugene, and Melissa Owens, volunteer coordinator and community outreach person for the Children’s Cancer Association in Portland.

Ye?lan Lima is a Chinuk Wawa phrase meaning “helping hand.” The open-hand symbol (left)  signifies human work or achievement.

Winners receive a recognition award, dinner and overnight stay at the Spirit Mountain Lodge & Casino and a $500 cash gift.

“Our search for this year’s Ye? lan Lima Award winners (requires) your assistance by identifying someone (whose) courageous, innovative, and unprecedented efforts as well as their sustained excellence of performance demand recognition,” the Spirit Mountain Community Fund announced on its Web site. “It may be a co-worker, peer, or someone you know that is affiliated with a partner nonprofit organization. We hope you will assist us in finding that one special ‘helping hand’ person in your organization or community by sending us your nomination.”

Award rules, eligibility criteria and nomination instructions are online here.

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