How do we grow philanthropy in the United States?

Even though the demands on nonprofits have increased over the last 40 years, charitable giving has remained essentially static, prompting a summit last summer to suggest ways to grow philanthropy.

Summit participants grouped their recommendations around four themes:

  • Enhancing the quality of donor relationships
  • Developing public trust and confidence in the sector
  • Identifying new audiences, channels and forms of giving with a strong potential for growth
  • Improving the quality of fundraising training and development
Among the 32 recommendations:
  • 3. Enhance focus on retention and building supporter loyalty
  • 5. Break down organizational silos and encourage greater collaboration between teams
  • 8. Tackle high turnover rates in the fundraising profession
  • 17. Encourage the adoption of monthly giving
  • 18. Improve the sector’s engagement with young people
  • 20. Encourage asset-based giving
  • 22. Improve the quality of bequest fundraising practice
  • 25. Leverage companies to promote philanthropy
For the complete report Growing Philanthropy in the United States, click here.
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