50 ways to overcome social media writer’s block

If ever you are stumped for ideas on your next Facebook or Twitter post, here are some ideas, provided by Cheryl Black at Convio.

Mission Moments

  • Photo of your mission in action
  • Quote from service recipient
  • At-home activities (for example: Remember to turn off lights when you leave a room.)
  • Success story (example: Tim made an A on his math test!)
  • Your video PSA

Receiving Service

  • Online member registration
  • How to get service (example: Stop by our south clinic for a flu shot.)
  • Change in office hours


  • Thank you to one specific donor
  • Thank you to corporate donor
  • Thank you to foundation donor
  • Photo from your most recent fundraiser
  • Next fundraiser
  • Special event save the date (example: Next year’s walk or gala)
  • Online donation form
  • Cost of service you fund (example: $5 to feed a family dinner)
  • Event registration/Ticket sales
  • Ask for specific in-kind donation (example: Books needed for elementary students)


  • Online volunteer form
  • Open committee roles
  • Next volunteer opportunity


  • Recent legislation affecting your cause
  • Contact your representative
  • Voter registration


  • Thank you for being our fan/follower
  • Online e-newsletter sign up
  • Photo of and info about your board chair
  • Quote from board chair
  • Photo of and info about your ED
  • Quote from ED
  • Photo of and info about your event/committee chair
  • Link to your Twitter
  • Link to your Facebook
  • Link to your LinkedIn
  • Most recent e-newsletter
  • Most recent press release
  • Most recent newspaper story
  • Most recent TV story
  • Cause-related blog


  • What does X mean to you? (example: What does security mean to you?)
  • Which of our events is your favorite?
  • Why are you a volunteer with us?
  • Will you be at X?
  • What can we help you with?


  • Local weather and how it relates to your cause (example: It’s cold! Help us distribute coats to senior citizens.)
  • Quote from historical figure (ex. Ghandi, Winston Churchill, Yogi Berra, whoever)
  • Happy X Holiday
  • Tips for online privacy
  • Relevant safety tips (example: In July “Prevent fires: 7 tips for safe grilling”)
  • Yesterday’s most popular tweet
These and other ideas come from the Connection Cafe. Find it here.

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