11 tactics to help charities thrive

In case you missed it, The Chronicle of Philanthropy reported earlier this year on 11 ways to raise more money. Here’s a review:

  1. Energize matching gifts. Ask a key donor or member of the board to match gifts dollar-for-dollar.
  2. Ask corporations for money and more.
  3. Make endowments sexy. Stress the importance of making sure the organization is here for every generation.
  4. Offer special perks. Give donors free admission to exhibits.
  5. Pitch sponsorships to family funds. Community foundations have several family funds that could be eager to help.
  6. Push donors to give online. Online giving has grown wildly in the last 10 years.
  7. Enlist beneficiaries to give. If your organization helps struggling artists or provides scholarships, recipients may want to return later and give to provide opportunities for others.
  8. Upgrade fund raisers’ skills. Take advantage of trainings offered by MVDP and other organizations.
  9. Support grass-roots fund raising. Support those who want to help raise money with local events.
  10. Seek out young volunteers. A board auxiliary of young professionals could be organized to carry out its own fundraising events.
  11. Get donors behind the scenes. Hold dinners or house parties for small groups of potential donors. Make sure the time and effort are not wasted on those with little gift potential.

Fundraisinginfo.com is holding a webinar Nov. 30 on the last item. “Small Event Prospecting” with Armando Zumaya intends to show how to fill the room with top prospects. The fee is $99. For information, click here.

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