10 ways to improve online fundraising

The folks at Care 2 have issued “last minute tips for wrapping up your 2011 year-end,” but it’s more than that. Consider the document a prescription for a healthier online giving effort.

You can download the Procrastinator’s Guide to Year-end Fundraising here. It explores 10 steps to improved online giving performance. Briefly, those steps are:

1. Inspire your donors every day
2. Blaze trails to your donate page
3. Optimize your donate form
4. Test drive your online donation process
5. Create a “Why Donate” page
6. Thank your donor at least three times
7. Provide for a warm welcome
8. Launch a two-pronged cultivation plan
9. Measure and test
10. Avoid procrastinating next year!

Care 2 also has a free webinar coming on Jan. 5 at 11 a.m. Pacific: The Overachiever’s Guide to Online Fundraising: 10 Steps to Kick Start 2012. According to an e-mail this morning, there are still some teleconference lines available. Register at this Web page.

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