An “out-of-office” greeting not wasted

Unlike most “out-of-office” responses, Tyler Reich’s reply to incoming e-mail used the opportunity to remind correspondents to make year-end gifts to Willamette University.

Tyler’s use of the out-of-office assistant on the e-mail system offers an example of the potential of this technology.

Several people took time off during the holidays, and, when MVDP messages arrived at their inboxes, their automatic responses read something like, “I will be out of the office beginning December 19th and will not be returning until January 3rd. I will be checking email often. Happy Holidays!”

Tyler, Willamette’s Director of Annual Giving, adopted a different approach. He took advantage of the opportunity. His response read, “I’m sorry I missed you. I am away from the office for the holiday. I will return to the office on Tuesday, January 3rd. Your message is important to me and will be responded to as soon as possible.

“There are only days left to make a year-end gift and receive 2011 tax benefits. Your support makes a difference for Willamette University’s engaged and enterprising students and the celebrated faculty who mentor them. To make your gift and learn about our holiday hours, please visit:

“Many thanks and warm holiday wishes.”

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