Resolutions for online fundraising and marketing success in 2012

Yet another set of ten resolutions has surfaced. This time they’re focused on online fundraising and marketing success in 2012.

The e-book from Network for Good (download the book here) contains much detail, but here are the ten resolutions:

  1. I will put fundraising first.
  2. I will be more donor-centric and stop treating my donors like ATMs.
  3. I will not engage in crappy communication.
  4. I will whip my website into shape.
  5. I will enable and maximize online giving.
  6. I will get my e-mail on.
  7. I will use social media wisely.
  8. I will investigate my portable potential.
  9. I will modularize my mission.
  10. I will connect with people and organizations that can help me succeed.

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