Response to machete attack reveals fundraising truths

When Omari defended a Kenyan orphanage but suffered a machete blow across the forehead in the fight, thousands of dollars were raised to erect a barbed wire fence to keep the orphanage safe.

Mark Phillips tells the story in his blog Queer Ideas, but in the process he shows how Omari’s story reveals five important lessons of effective fund raising.

  • “Make the content appropriate for the audience. Feature work in your appeals that donors are  interested in funding. Remember that this isn’t always work that your organisation deems  the most important.
  • “Move quickly. If something happens and you need help or you think your donors want to help, get in touch as quickly as you can.
  • “Real beats designed. In my experience authenticity always wins – photographs with a few lines written on the back are better than those reproduced in a leaflet. Hand written is better than the organisational font.
  • “Show donors what they have done with specific feedback on the projects you have featured (not the general work the charity has done).
  • “Let your donors show off. Give your supporters the chance to show others what they have done. This can be something as simple as a sticker enclosed in a mailing pack or a recognition flash on an online profile.”

Photo from Queer Ideas

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