Lessons to be learned from ‘Moneyball’

Even if Moneyball doesn’t win an Oscar for best motion picture next month, Roger Craver thinks it’s a “must view” for nonprofit directors.

In the film Billy Beane, general manager of the Oakland Athletics of Major League Baseball, challenges the fundamentals of the game. He and a Harvard-educated aide employ statistics to trump the traditional wisdom of scouts to field a team they can afford without compromising victories.

As Roger Craver in The Agitator points out, the film is about “innovating to succeed.

“And so it is in today’s world of nonprofit fundraising, communications and management,” Craver writes. “More than ever survival depends on innovation, the willingness to challenge old assumptions and, to no small degree, the ability to discover and use better measurements, benchmarks and other metrics that are based on more than myth and convention.”

Photo from Sports Illustrated and The Agitator

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