What to ask after ‘yes’

You’ve cultivated a relationship with a donor, and you’ve asked for a gift.

The donor says, “Yes.”

Great. You say, “Thanks,” with great enthusiasm. You describe how the gift will make a difference. Then what?

Andy Robinson and Harvey McKinnon, two fundraising consultants, wrote an interesting piece for the Grassroots Fundraising Journal which was picked up by GuideStar. In it they suggest as many as 12 questions you could ask, depending on the circumstances.

  1. “How would you like to pay?”
  2. “How do you want us to use this gift?”
  3. “How would you like to be recognized?”
  4. “Do you want your gift to honor someone you care about?”
  5. Will you please “tell me a little more about why you support our work?”
  6. “Would you be willing to give a testimonial we can use in our newsletter or other promotional materials?”
  7. “Would you be willing to join us at a board meeting and talk about why you support our work?”
  8. “How would you like to be kept informed about our work and how often?”
  9. “When I come back to give you an update, would you be willing to include family members so they can learn about your support of our work?”
  10. “Can you recommend other people we can talk to about a gift?”
  11. “Given your strong commitment to our work, would you consider volunteering to help us raise money?”
  12. “What’s your personal giving calendar?”

Find the full article and expansions on the questions here.

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