How to avoid e-mail subject line sins

Are donors not responding to your e-mail messages?

Maybe your e-mails aren’t working because your subject line is not drawing them in.

Blogger Kerri Karvetski says there are six cardinal sins in writing subject lines, and avoiding them can increase the chance that your e-mail message will be read.

“You have two seconds to grab your reader’s attention,” Kerri wrote in Nancy Schwartz’s Getting Attention blog. “That’s a lot of pressure. Writing subject lines is mostly art, but there’s some science to it as well. If you steer clear of these subject line sins, there’s a world of opportunity available to you. So avoid these avoidable mistakes.”

  • Sin Number 1: Your subject line is too long. Fifty characters is the limit for most e-mail reader programs. Keep the line short; readers will thank you, especially those reading on a mobile device.
  • Sin Number 2: Your subject line is too short. One-word subjects used to be the in thing. No longer.
  • Sin Number 3: Your subject is boring. Give the reader a reason to open the message.
  • Sin Number 4: Personalization is overused.
  • Sin Number 5: Thumbing your nose at spam filters. Avoid ALL CAPS, too much puncuation and symbols (#%&=).
  • Sin Number 6: Focusing solely on the subject line. You still have to deliver on what’s said in the subject line.

MailChimp has an article on how spam filters think. Read it here.

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