Why is marketing critical to fundraising?

When Jim Gochenour speaks at MVDP April 26, he will explain why marketing is a critical tool for fundraising.

What makes it critical?

Chris Forbes gives us an advance look in his blog, Guerilla Marketing for Nonprofits. “Restating your purpose with a marketing mindset can help you connect better with people,” he wrote.

“The three things that will make your organization the most successful are, 1) your passion, 2) what you are best at, and 3) a clear sense of what is the bottom line impact you are trying to make.”

Boil it down to three questions, he wrote:

    • “Why do you exist? (Make sure you are talking about your passions.)
    • “What does your organization do? (This is where you talk about what you are best at.)
    • “What difference does it make? (Tell what is the impact your organization is making)”

Jim’s presentation will be at 3 p.m. Thursday, April 26, at Central Willamette Community Credit Union, 7101 SW Supra Ave., Albany.

“For your cause to succeed, you need to find a lot of  people who care about your work,” Chris wrote. “You want the people who support you to do more than write checks. You want them to take ownership of the mission themselves. This cannot happen until you are thinking from the perspective of your donors.”

Chris offers seven golden rules of fundraising success:

    • Know your donors
    • Educate your donors
    • Help donors find personal fulfillment
    • Build trusting donor relationships
    • Respect your donors
    • Focus on current supporters
    • Make giving fun
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