10 ways to improve fundraising right now

Just in time for your return from spring break, here is a list of 10 things you can do before summer to give  your fundraising efforts a pick-me-up.

Gail Perry expands on them in her blog today. Here’s the summary:

  1. Organize a thank-a-thon for your donors.
  2. Plan visits with your top 20 current donors.
  3. Rewrite your thank-you letter to make it more warm and personal.
  4. Create a campaign for lapsed donors.
  5. Rewrite your solicitation letter to make it all about the donor.
  6. Plan visits with your top 20 major gift prospects just to bring them up to date.
  7. Update your online donation form.
  8. Add the chart “Your Gifts at Work” to your web site and your newsletter.
  9. Block off two days a week for the next three months to make visits with donors.
  10. Plan a party to honor your founders, former board members, former capital campaign donors to bring them back into the fold.
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