Let your light shine

With more than 22,000 nonprofit organizations in Oregon, how are donors going to know the good work that you do and how they can help the good work happen?

Not by hiding your light under a bushel, that’s for sure.

Writing in the Nonprofit Quarterly, Joe Waters has a prescription for every nonprofit: Be a publisher.

Publishing (producing online posts, e-mail newsletters, reports, videos–all types of marketing content) “engages current and potential supporters with useful, interesting and credible information that directly drives donor support,” he writes. For the full article click here.

Large nonprofits recognize that success depends on publishing. Many smaller nonprofits see publishing and marketing as optional. “It’s not,” Waters says.

He offers three reasons why “every nonprofit needs to be generating useful content that informs, educates and inspires.”

  1. It’s part of being a top nonprofit brand. “You might not be big, but you can be a top brand, even if it’s just in your community.”
  2. You need to stand out. Remember that number (more than 22,000) of nonprofits in Oregon? “With more and more nonprofits coming online each year, content is a key tool  in separating your nonprofit from the pack. This is especially important as people search for your nonprofit on Google, Bing and Yahoo. Several factors are important in how search engines rank and deliver search results, but one thing is clear: if you don’t produce high-quality content and links, online searchers won’t find you. Period.”
  3. You can’t just do good work anymore. Nonprofits are making the world a better place, but “it’s not enough. It’s like the days when there were only five or six television stations to watch. It was easier for these early networks to stand out and get viewers. These days, there are hundreds of stations to choose from and the competition is brutal. It’s the same with nonprofits.”


MVDP’s focus on Marketing: A Critical Tool for Development is coming Thursday at 3 p.m. Join Jim Gochenour from Living Opportunities in Medford to learn what nonprofits ought to know about marketing. The site is Central Willamette Community Credit Union, 7101 Supra Drive SW, Albany. See details at www.mvdp-or.org.

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