Remedies for end-of-fiscal-year slump

If your fiscal year ends June 30, now is crunch time. With little more than a week before June 30, here are three ways to wind up the year with a flourish.

Fundraising coach Marc Pitman offers them in his blog.

1.  Revisit those who said “no” earlier this year. “No” might have meant “not now.” In the next week, call them and ask them again. “We have this great project that’s really helping people,” you might say. “Here’s how you can help. You weren’t able to help the last time we talked. Are you able to help now?”

2.  A review of your donor database may reveal that there are donors who gave last year but not so far this year. These are the “LYBUNTS,” for Last-Year-But-Unfortunately-Not-This-Year. Why not call each of them and say, “Thank you for your gift last year. Your generosity really helped (in this way). Would you like to make a gift again this year?”

3.  A pre-press list may be a handy reminder device for those who are regular donors but who have not given yet this year. It’s simple: compile a list of those who have given this year and send it to your entire mailing list, asking if there are any corrections before you go to press with your list of the year’s donors. Ask: “Did we get your name right?” This is a nice acknowledgement to those who have given and a subtle reminder to those who have not that it’s time to give before year’s end.

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