Lean keys to fundraising success

Erica Charbonneau, center, with Darrel White of Corban University and Arminda Lathrop of Willamette University

Erica Charbonneau, center, with Darrel White of Corban University and Arminda Lathrop of Willamette University

Learning who the donors are and making it personal about them is “where the magic is” in lean fundraising, Erica Charbonneau told Mid-Valley Development Professionals Oct. 24.

“You are the conduit” for the nonprofit’s relationship with the donor, she told the fundraisers, and she urged them to “focus on what the donor is giving as signals of what they’re interested in.”

She outlined a step-by-step approach to methodically transform the fundraising process into five stages: identify, qualify, plan, engage and solicit. After the solicitation, the process returns to planning again.

She offered the slides she presented for those who want to follow along. Click here for those slides. She also sent a tool for tracking the progress of donors through the cultivation steps. Click here for that file.

Erica is associate vice president of development at Willamette University. She talked about the use of lean manufacturing ideas and their adaptation to the world of fundraising. She said Virginia Mason Hospital in Seattle started using lean techniques in 2002 and more than doubled the amount of incoming gifts each year in the next 10 years, because lean fundraising makes gift officers more efficient.

Thirty-seven season pass holders and guests attended the program at the Chemeketa Winema Center. Next on the MVDP calendar is the organization’s annual meeting and holiday fest, featuring a panel discussion on grant prospects for 2014. On the panel will be program officers from Meyer Memorial Trust, the Oregon Community Foundation and the PGE Foundation. The program will be held at 3 p.m. Thursday, Dec. 5, at the Chemeketa Center for Business and Industry, 626 High St. NE, Salem.

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