Kim Klein shows how to make the ask

Kim Klein, flanked by Nancy Duncan (left) and Lynn Youngs

Kim Klein, flanked by Nancy Duncan (left) and Lynn Youngs

Author/trainer/consultant Kim Klein was on her game Thursday as she presented a workshop on how nonprofits can improve their asking for gifts.

This was the third of six programs on the schedule for Mid-Valley Development Professionals, and Kim did not disappoint.

“Kim Klein is the quintessential speaker on this subject,” said one of the attendees. “Thank you for inviting and bringing her to Salem.”

Several others commented in their evaluations that they hope she can come back to Salem.

One person was perplexed about Kim’s wit. “Her humor was terrific,” the person wrote. “How do I translate to my board that kind of humor if I am not naturally funny?”

Kim encouraged her audience to ask their donors more often to give to their organizations. She said seven out of every 10 people in this country give to nonprofits. Americans are more likely to give than to vote in elections or to go to church, she said.

How is it that we don’t like asking people to do what they love to do? she asked.

Kim used a PowerPoint presentation, and the file is saved here.

Next up for MVDP is a Sept. 17 program on developing a bequest and planned giving program. Look for details at


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